Monday, November 8, 2021

Happy Homemaker Monday 8th November


I have got a very busy week coming up and there is not one evening where we will be able to sit down as a family for a meal. It seems things are well and truly back to pre-Covid busyness. Penny hated the fireworks and spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings hiding behind the sofa. We put a Thunder Shirt on her, gave her some dog version of ‘Kalms’ and played the Pet Classics on Classic FM but none of them helped. In fact she did better when I decided to re watch Downton Abbey. Before we had a dog I did not know just how badly animals can be affected by fireworks and I feel ashamed of the firework parties we used to have when the kids were younger.

Menu plan 

So the menu this week consists of things that Matthew prefers as he is the only one that I will really have to cook for this week. Leftovers will be used for my lunch or for Emma to eat before she goes to work in the evenings she is there.

Monday – Swedish meatballs, mash potato and green beans

Tuesday  Beef stew

Wednesday – KFC fakeaway

Thursday – Croque Monsieur

Friday - Steak, Jacket potato and salad

Saturday – Enchiladas

Sunday – Pulled Pork

 Looking around the house

I need to catch up with the ironing as I was too tired to finish it on Sunday as we had been out all day. I also need to give my craft room a good clean. The rest of the house is looking okay.


Although I do have my own projects to work on at home this week I am out three evenings do some sort of crafting. Tonight is working on my EPP quilt, Wednesday is the first session that is being run by a local organization for Christmas crafts and on Thursday I will be leading a craft session at my 2nd W.I to make a Christmas wreath. I am also hoping to finish a knitted dishcloth and the first of my mini Christmas cross stitch.


In honour of all the crafting I am currently doing.

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  1. It sounds like things are really busy for you.
    Poor Penny, fireworks are no fun for dogs.
    Great meal plan.
    That is so right crafting should come before housework. hehehe x

    1. Thank you. Who wouldn't prefer to craft rather than do housework?

  2. Poor Penny what a worry for you. Great meal plan and fake KFC sounds good. I hate ironing with a passion 🤣

    1. I don't mind ironing once I have got started though I do hate shirts. Thank goodness I have only got until summer next year and then they will be gone :)

  3. Hope your busy week goes well. I'm glad things are getting back to normal after so long though I do know it's hard when everyone is going off in different directions.

  4. I feel like we are also back to pre covid busy-ness and I am not sure I fully like it. I enjoyed us being able to sit round the table and eat more often.
    I need to try Swedish meatballs on my kids, they love it when we get them at Ikea but I have never made them.
    Hope you had a good week, thanks for linking up to #mealplanmonday

  5. I buy the meatballs from Ikea, I don't think I could get homemade ones to taste the same :)