Monday, September 6, 2021

Menu Planning Monday 6th September 2021


It’s back to school this week and Matthew is going into Year 11. How quickly these high school years as passed. It does not seem 2 minutes ago that he was going into his last year at primary school.  I always feel a ‘back to school’ excitement with regards to my life and that it is a fresh start and the beginning of new routines to improve my life.

 As part of that life improvement I am starting a diet. Since the beginning of lockdown last year and with the job change where I am not moving around as much as I used to, the weight has crept up to the point where I am now almost as heavy as I was when I was pregnant with Emma. I am not looking to rapidly lose weight but I am determined that this time next year I will be 21lbs lighter. I have signed up with Second Nature which is purely online as I need the accountability of a group. I was doing Slimming World last year but I found that I wasn’t losing any weight, in fact I had started gaining.

Menu Plan.

With the diet in mind.....

Monday – Fish and Chips ( I know not a great start, but it is a W.I. meeting and I had forgotten I had ordered it)

Tuesday- Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry

Wednesday – Cajun Salmon and Salsa

Thursday – Spicy Lamb Patty and Greek Salad

Friday – Chicken Fajita Bake

Saturday – Mexican Pork Bowl

Sunday – Steak and Vegetables


What I am looking forward to

Seeing how Matthew got on with his first day in Year 11.

Finishing the memory book I have been doing with my WI craft group.

Making an Autumn themed wreath for my door.

Getting back into a regular blogging routine.


The Weather

 Not quite autumnal yet :(

Looking around the house

 Trying to get back into a regular cleaning routine. After cleaning downstairs yesterday I need to clean my bedroom and the bathroom. Matthew also needs to do his room. At the weekend I want to start decorating Matthew’s room to make it a bit more grown up. We are also getting a double bed for him.

Hope you all have a great week and good luck to all of those with children going back to school.


  1. I hope the return to school has gone well. My girl is going into year 10 and the high school years have flown over!
    I am back on the healthy eating and exercising bandwagon. I've just done a 30 minute work out and resisted a bacon sandwich. I will call that a win. lol
    Great meal plan! x

    1. I don't think I could have resisted the bacon sandwich so good for you. I need to restart my exercise regime, it has definitely slipped during the school holidays.

  2. Ooh nice to have a meeting where you get a meal catered for you, sounds lovely! Have a great week and hope the return to school has gone well for you x

  3. Hope back to school went well. What does WI stand for? Enjoy your new meals. Have a great week

    1. Thank you. WI stands for Women's Institute. I am a member of 2 and I love going to them for the social aspect and to listen to the speakers. The craft groups are sub groups for each WI and meet at separate times.

  4. Hoping the back to school went well yesterday! I also need to get back into a regular cleaning routine, personally, I find it so much easier with everyone out of the house and it's been a while since that luxury. Also, curious what WI stands for? Hope you have a wonderful week!

  5. I wish I had an person free house to get on with my cleaning as well but the closest I get is when Craig takes the dog out for a walk and the kids are in their rooms getting on with whatever. WI stands for Women's Institute.

  6. Your menu looks so good. How was the Salmon? Do you have to a recipe?
    Come over and visit me.
    Have a great weekend.